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Bring Crescent Foods to a Store Near You

In a world like today where all natural, wholesome food is increasing in demand yet so hard to find, Crescent Foods aims to make our products readily and easily available nationwide. Many times, we receive feedback from our consumers asking about how to get more products to their local retailers, so we’ve decided to walk you […]

5 Tips on Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits

Hey friends,   Many of you may have set a goal to become a healthier version of yourself. If you didn’t, maybe you should consider it. What does it mean to be healthy? Some people confuse healthy with weight loss thinking the number on the scale defines their health. Yes, being in shape usually is a result of becoming a healthier […]

Keeping Up With Your New Year’s Goals

Already 2 weeks into the New Year means it’s time for a resolution checkpoint. How are your goals coming along? 2018 was filled with many ups and downs and a lot of new changes. New relationships, new job, new career path, new car; and most importantly, new goals. My job, like most office jobs is […]

Choose the Perfect Steak

It is a warm spring evening and you are barefoot on a freshly cut lawn. In front of you is dinner: a beautifully cooked steak, so juicy that it is running right into your potatoes. The spices and smoke from the BBQ tease your tastebuds in an almost carnal fashion. You pick up your knife, […]

Spring Printables

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with some of our fun printable activities for kids. We’ve got all sorts below, including story paper, stationery to print, delightful scrapbook paper for your crafty projects, cutting, pasting and lacing activities for little ones, and even some cute printable spring games to enjoy with the family! Spring Acrostic Poem […]