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Halal On Campus

Crescent Foods, like university students and staff, understands the importance of quality ingredients. Quality is in everything we do – from state-of-the-art production processes to upholding exceptional standards for our products. 

Every Crescent Foods product is Certified Hand-Cut HalalOur process focuses on giving thanks for the food that nourishes us; raising healthy animals without the use of antibiotics; using conscientious processes, and providing clean, wholesome food that’s all-natural, free from impurities, and contains NO artificial ingredients or preservatives.

With the highest standard of Hand-Cut Halal, all the way through, Crescent Foods creates an inclusive company culture, new opportunities for customers, partners, and bold ideas to fit the  ever-evolving needs of today’s consumers. Based on the values of tradition, integrity, wisdom and engagement, Crescent Foods offers a positive, principled, dining experience for conscientious consumers, everywhere. 

Providing students and staff with Halal options is crucial, especially as significant growth is expected in the halal food market and one-third of the overall U.S. Muslim population under 30.  

In addition to offering a wide variety of hand-cut halal products for on-campus dining, we also provide numerous retail products for on-campus mini-marts, offering a one-stop shop for universities and their distributors.  

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Crescent Foods hopes to help create a more welcoming atmosphere for Muslim students and for all students who value responsibly sourced food.

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