Crescent Foods Our Story

Our Story

An Industry Leader

We always remember firsts.  The first man on the moon. The first computer. The first African American President.
And the first line of premium Halal chicken products in mainstream stores.

Before we raised the bar, you had to wonder and worry about hormones, antibiotics, if they were fed a vegetarian diet, if there were animal by-products in the feed, giant feedlots, grass or corn fed. You realized for chicken and beef to be at its best it must be halal and tayyib (pure). It must taste great AND be healthy. You realized for meat to taste great they need the right environments to grow just like you and me. You realized even in the halal world there’s actually a lot of grey in the world of halal. We wish it was black and white.

So we set out to raise the bar and did so before it was cool to be all natural and have nothing artificial. All of the cattle from the animals we pick live on pastures and eat a diet of grass – yes, this means grass fed AND finished, and there is absolutely no corn anywhere near this grass. We don’t fancy crowded confinement and the consequences that come with it. Our chickens are raised on family farms and are raised well with care that they don’t need antibiotics or animal by-products. They are fed a simple 100% vegetarian diet that consists of corn and soy.

We’re finding the very best for you and us. Just the good stuff and going back to the time before all the unhealthy stuff. Because we believe in doing things right. Nourish both your body and mind with fresh ideas and new energy. Take a bite of Crescent goodness because life tastes better with Crescent Foods.

It took an entrepreneur with an engineering degree to bring healthy humanely-processed Halal chicken to America’s dinner tables. In 1996, Ahmad Adam sold his first fresh, nutritious chicken. Today, Crescent Foods is the largest provider of premium Halal poultry and meat across the United States. No other company has to date been able to offer the variation in the number of cuts of products and numerous forms of packaging to retail stores, restaurants and institutions.

At Crescent Foods, we pride ourselves in being the first company to offer such a wide variety of Halal chicken and beef products in premium packaging to stores across the country. We pride ourselves in raising and processing the chickens and cattle in humane conditions, while ensuring that the entire farm-to- fork philosophy adheres to the strictest ethical guidelines.

We understand that to maintain such quality and integrity, we must strive to improve ourselves consistently. We have integrated our business ethics with our Halal business model. Being in the limelight for excellence necessitates that we do not rest on our laurels but continue striving towards the absolute best. Our corporate growth has been constant but controlled and maintained at a pace that assures our ability to provide first rate service to our customers.

At Crescent Foods, we believe we are answerable to our loyal customers, our vendors and our employees, all of whom make us successful. We are dedicated to our mission to provide healthy meals to families across the nation. We might be pioneers in the industry, but our story has just begun. We have great plans and several exciting new products up our sleeves. We are grateful for your trust and confidence in Crescent Foods. We hope you continue to join us on this journey and support our pure and simple products.