Crescent Foods has been supplying the Food Industry All Natural Premium Halal Products since 1996. Crescent’s processing capabilities, distribution, products and services exceed in quality and innovation. Crescent provides the best tasting, All Natural Chicken and Beef in variety of forms and packaging serving retail stores, food service outlets, restaurants and institutions, serving your customers well and looking to your bottom line profits.

We understand that in order to maintain such quality and integrity, we must strive to improve ourselves on a daily basis. We have integrated our business ethics with our Halal business model. Being the recognized industry leader makes us accountable on so many different levels. Being in the limelight for excellence necessitates that we do not rest on our laurels, but keep striving to consistently improve what is working and to never stop making the process even more efficient. At Crescent Foods, we believe we are answerable to our loyal customers, our venders and our employees, all of whom make us successful.

Products & Services To Fit Your Needs

  • State-of-the-art Processing Capabilities
  • Variety of Custom Cuts: Hand trimmed Breast fillets, Steaks, Ground, Cubes, & Strips
  • Value Added: Uncooked, Marinated in Roll stock, Flavored, Formed, Portioned &
  • Custom Blends
  • Fresh, Frozen & IQF
  • Point of Sale & Marketing Support
  • Nationwide & Direct Distribution
  •  Custom & MAP Packaging
  •  Logistics & Cold Storage arrangements
  • In-store private label programs

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