Crescent Foods Production Tour

Crescent Foods is the country’s leading provider of premium Halal chicken. Our birds are raised in ventilated, sunny barns, 100% vegetarian fed and cage-free. We pass the highest certification standards as a trustworthy source of whole chicken, chicken parts, and burgers.

Our state of the art processing plant has food quality inspectors closely monitoring every step of the food chain. The sanitation of the plant is far above the industry average and micro samples are sent to laboratories to validate the sanitation procedures. Crescent foods is compliant with USDA, SOP’s and SSOP directives with inspectors on-site every day.

Boning Table:

Chickens are cut into parts. Some of the meat is deboned and reserved for chicken burgers, nuggets and other ground or formed products.


Premium spices and other natural ingredients are mixed with ground chicken and then formed into burgers. Every ingredient is premium Halal quality … no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no hormones added.

Burger Line:

Ground chicken is formed into patties and quickly enters a freezing chamber. Patties are then placed four-to-a-bag, sealed and hand packed 2 bags to a carton.

Loading Area:

The loading dock is just outside the freezer area, so it is a quick trip from production to freezer.