The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

When most people hear the words ‘spring cleaning’, they immediately formulate a list of about 15-20 excuses they can use to avoid the seemingly daunting tasks.

Spring cleaning is a way to demonstrate pride in ownership (orrentership).  A home and its contents are investments; money spent on something you really love or really need (ideally both).  When you take the time to clean thoroughly and properly, you can maintain and prolong the life of the item or finish for years.  Further, it means you live in a cleaner and healthier home; less dust, dust mites, allergens, odours and dirt.

This post has been designed to go through a house, room by room, and explain key spring cleaning tasks that need doing, in checklist format. There are some ‘repeated’ tasks in each space, however to keep the structure of the post consistent we have placed them in each area so that a task is never forgotten.

Keep scrolling, we’ve created a special spring cleaning page for each room, along with an inspirational Songza playlist for your cleaning pleasure.

You can also print off each room’s checklist with the handy room-by-room printables!

Cleaning tips all over your home:

  • Tips on getting started and dividing tasks and timing
  • General cleaning tips to help you work faster and smarter
  • Hallways and entryways
  • Family room, rec room and den
  • Office
  • Living room and dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room and storage spaces
  • Kitchen
  • General tasks

If you have a finish, fixture, item or task that is not described in here, check our blog and videos as resources and if you can’t find anything certainly feel free to contact us and we’ll make every attempt to get back to you.  We couldn’t cover every subject here, so we picked out the most common ones and included them.

Rarely is someone excited to spring clean.  So, in order to get in the mood, we’ve put some helpful hints together for you to get motivated and create a schedule that works. You’ll be able to print off printable checklists for each room of the house.

Article By: Melissa Maker

Original Source: cleanmyspace.com



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