The Creation of Crescent

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An Industry Leader

We always remember firsts.  The first man on the moon. The first computer. The first African American President.

And the first line of premium Halal chicken products in mainstream stores.

At Crescent Foods, we pride ourselves in being the first company to offer such a wide variety of Halal chicken & beef products in premium packaging at stores across the country. We pride ourselves in raising and processing our products in humane conditions and ensuring that the entire farm-to-fork philosophy adheres to the strictest ethical guidelines.

No other company has to date been able to offer the different number of cuts and variations in chicken processed and packaged the way we do it at Crescent, at both Retail and Food Service outlets.

And we understand that in order to maintain such quality and integrity, we must strive to improve ourselves on a daily basis.  We have integrated our business ethics with our Halal business model. Being the recognized industry leader makes us accountable on so many different levels. Being in the limelight for excellence necessitates that we do not rest on our laurels, but keep striving to consistently improve what is working and to never stop making the process even more efficient.

At Crescent Foods, we believe we are answerable to our loyal customers, our vendors and our employees, all of whom make us successful.

We hope you continue to join us on this journey.

Enjoy our newly launched Angus Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef Products 

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