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Spring Printables

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with some of our fun printable activities for kids. We’ve got all sorts below, including story paper, stationery to print, delightful scrapbook paper for your crafty projects, cutting, pasting and lacing activities for little ones, and even some cute printable spring games to enjoy with the family!

Spring Bookmarks
Two sets of fun printable spring bookmarks for kids, some to print, some to print and colour.
Spring Stationery
Quick to print for home or school, this Spring stationery features spring flowers and animals and…
Spring Story Paper
Fire up the kids’ imagination with these fun colouring and story paper printables with a spring…
More Spring Printables
Just a few more Spring printables for you – and we think they might be some of our best! Have a go…

Print and enjoy these original puzzles for kids with a spring theme, including dot to dot, maze, count the lambs and find the difference puzzle.

Bunny Maths Facts Colouring Page

Bunny Maths Facts Colouring Page

Kids can colour in this cute picture of a bunny – perfect for Easter or any time – but first they need to solve some simple sums to work out the right colours to use!

Daffodil Grid Copy

Daffodil Grid Copy

Use this grid copy activity to create a picture of a sunny yellow daffodil, perfect for Spring!

Flowers Maze

Flowers Maze

Help the bumble bee find his way to the flowers in this lovely hand-drawn maze printable!

Grid Copy - Daisy

Grid Copy – Daisy

This daisy grid copy is a nice simple design for beginners. Copy each square individually and end up with a whole picture!

Grid Copy - Tulip

Grid Copy – Tulip

As you see the bulbs starting to sprout in Spring, have fun with this grid copy and create your own image of a tulip. Great for improving concentration and pen control.

How Many Bunnies Can You Count?

How Many Bunnies Can You Count?

Two printable Easter puzzles – one much more difficult than the other – in which children need to count up the Easter bunnies. Fun for Spring too. Good counting practice for little ones!

How Many Words - Butterflies

How Many Words – Butterflies

This is a very pretty puzzle for you! How many words can you find from the word Butterflies? If you don’t fill all the spaces, you could make colourful wing patterns instead!

How Many Words - Spring Flowers

How Many Words – Spring Flowers

If you are thinking about Spring, why not try this fun activity? How many words can you make from the letters in the words Spring Flowers. Can you fill in all the tulips on the page?

Rabbit Maze 2

Rabbit Maze 2

Help these rabbit friends find their way to the centre of the maze!

Spring Sudoku - Difficult

Spring Sudoku – Difficult

This Spring Sudoku is perfect for older children as it is more difficult. This type of puzzle is great for improving logical thinking.

Spring Sudoku - Easy

Spring Sudoku – Easy

Perfect for beginners, this Spring puzzle is an ideal starting point for those new to sudoku. Every row and column must contain the letters of the word lamb.

Spring Sudoku - Medium

Spring Sudoku – Medium

Welcome in Spring with this themed sudoku puzzle. It has a medium difficulty level so is perfect for someone who has mastered the basics and is looking for more of a challenge.

Spring Word Search

Spring Word Search

This spring word search would be a great introduction to any discussions relating to nature or seasons.


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