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Crescent’s Standards of Feed and Process

The Feed – Crescent chickens are fed an all natural, USDA certified 100% Vegetarian diet of pure grains and soy, free of any animal by products and processed animal protein.

The Process – Crescent chickens are hand slaughtered individually according to Halal guidelines by Muslims with the strict adherence to all required aspects including direction to Qiblah, accuracy and a longer bleed time. For further inquiry about the Halal certificate please contact Shariah Board Of America at 773.764.8274.

Why Choose Crescent?

  • Humane handling
  • Vegetarian Feed (free of any animal by products and processed animal protein)
  • Cage-free roaming birds
  • Individual Hand slaughtering
  • Qiblah Direction
  • Longer Bleed Time
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • No Coloring Agents
  • No Preservatives
  • All Natural!

Knowing this, you can be confident in our Halal practices. We believe in the highest standards of quality including humane handling, longer bleed time to ensure wholesomeness “Tayib”, vegetarian feed so that the bird is even Halal before slaughtering.

Crescent Foods is always striving to be environmentally conscious from Farm to Fork.