Honey Garlic Chicken Tenders


1 Pack Crescent Foods Chicken Tenders

2 tablespoons corn starch

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon black pepper powder

¼ teaspoon red chili flakes

2 tablespoons neutral flavored oil

1 tablespoon avocado oil butter

3-4 cloves minced garlic

For the sauce:

¼ cup honey

1 tablespoon soy sauce

½ tablespoon vinegar

½ cup vegetable stock/water

½ teaspoon Salt (or to taste)


Place the chicken tenders in a bowl; add the cornstarch, salt, pepper and red chili flakes. Toss the chicken and coat it well.

Combine ingredients for the sauce in a separate bowl and set aside.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan (medium –high heat). Add the chicken and cook until golden brown, then turn over and cook the other side.

Turn the heat to low, Add the butter to the pan. Next add in the minced garlic and sauté until fragrant and golden, making sure it doesn’t burn.

Add the sauce over the chicken pieces and coat well. Simmer for 4-5 minutes until the chicken is cooked and sauce has thickened.

Serve over bulgur or rice and a delicious meal is ready to enjoy!

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