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Fun and Cost Effective Spring Family Activities

These ideas will get you outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Spring offers a variety of fun, frugal activities.

In a few short days, spring will be upon us. Depending on where you live, it’s likely been a fairly cold winter and possibly filled with snow. While spring is a popular time of the year to clean things up and air out the house from the long winter, you can also consider some outdoor activities that weren’t possible during the cold months.

Many of these activities can be frugal while also creating memories or traditions for years to come for your growing family. Here are four ideas:

1. Visit the farmers’ market.

Farmers’ markets are a great way to enjoy spring. Not only can they provide an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy a little light exercise, but they also offer an excellent way to experience your local culture and arts. Farmer’s Markets also provide a great way to save money on local produce. Not only will you have a better idea of where the produce came from, but it’s probably fresher than what you’ll find at the store and you’ll get to meet the farmer who grew it.

2. Go to a nearby park.

If you drove by a park this winter, it probably appeared abandoned. But with the warmer weather, now is a great time to enjoy the local park for several hours of free, fun and active entertainment. If you have children, they can enjoy the playground, or you can go for a walk as a family.

If your children love animals, consider adding a twist by visiting a local dog park or volunteering at an animal shelter. If your kids enjoy the experience, it’s something you can repeat several times a month. Not only will they get their dog-fix for free, but they also get to give back as well.

3. Give geocaching a try.

If you’re looking for a new activity, consider geocaching. It’s basically a treasure hunt that includes over 2.2 million “caches,” or hidden treasure. (Learn more at What you’re searching for can vary widely in size and genre, but it’s a great way to enjoy some time adventuring as a family. They do have an app that costs $10, but is not required and even at that price can be considered pretty frugal.

4. Start a garden.

Another fun and frugal activity to enjoy this spring is starting a garden with your family. Of course, the size of the garden will depend on how much space you have, but there are many benefits to starting a garden, including teaching your children where food comes from, spending time together outdoors and saving money on produce. Plus, your kids get to play in the dirt.

You can still grow many vegetables, such as tomatoes or peppers, even if you don’t have a lot of space. If you do choose to start a garden, take your money savings to the next level by either canning or freezing your vegetables. That way, you can preserve the produce for enjoyment later in the year.




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Fun and Cost Effective Spring Family Activities


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