Creamy Chicken Pie





1 Pack ready made puff pastry
2 Chicken Breasts
1 Medium onion
1 Cube chicken stock
2 Bay leafs
3 Cardamon pods
5 Whole Black pepper corns
50 Grams Butter
3 Tbsp Plain flour
1 Pint Milk
1 Tbsp Fresh dill Finely chopped
1 Tbsp Fresh pasley Finely chopped
Pinch of nutmeg
1 Egg
Salt and pepper To season


To cook the chicken, start by filling a medium sized stock pot with boiling water, add the onion, bay leafs, cardamon pods, pepper corns, and chicken stock, then add the chicken breast and cook for 20 mins or until the chicken has cooked fully.
When the chicken has cooked, drain from the broth and set a side.
To make the creamy béchamel sauce, first heat the milk ready for use. Melt the butter over a medium heat, once the butter has melted add the flour and mix well, then allow the mixture to cook a little for a few minutes.
Add the milk a little at a time stirring continuously. Allow all the milk to be absorbed into a smooth mixture before adding some more. By not adding all the milk at once you avoid getting lumps later.
Keep adding until you have a smooth creamy texture. Season with salt and pepper to taste and a small pinch of nutmeg, then remove from the heat.
Dice the chicken breast , add to the béchamel sauce, add the finely chopped dill and parsley and mix well.
To construct the pie, roll out the pastry and cut into two equal sized rectangles of pastry which will form the base and top of the pie. Place the first rectangle of pastry on a well greased baking tray.
Place the pie filling on the pastry base leaving a 3cm boarder of pastry all the way round.
Brush some beaten egg on the pastry boarder then take the second rectangle of pastry and lay onto of the pie filling aligning with the pastry base. Then using a fork press down along the edges of the pie. Put a few slits in the top of the pastry.
Bake at 180 degrees C for 20-30 mins or until golden brown, allow to stand for 5 mins before cutting and serving.

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