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Crescent Makes Halal Easier to Find

As many members of the Muslim community know, finding a reliable brand of Halal chicken on store shelves can sometimes be a difficult task. But thanks to companies like the Chicago-based Crescent Foods, more and more Halal chicken products have been showing up on the shelves of grocery stores and mainstream markets.

Crescent Foods, which distributes all over the country and has seen its operations expand greatly since the company was founded in 1995 as it has become a major supplier of Halal chicken products.

VP of Marketing & Sales Joohi Tahir said the company is optimistic about the opportunity to serve more and more customers. “We’re seeing a rise in demand for Halal poultry at the mainstream retail level and it’s very exciting for us,” Tahir said. “We’re very happy to supply that demand and now it’s easier than ever for customers to grab it from the grocery store of the local shop.” With the growing demand of Halal in mainstream markets Crescent was sure to be in the forefront.  You can find Crescent on retail shelves such as Walmart , Shop-n-Save, Tonys, & Produce World among many others.

The rise of Crescent’s customer base can be attributed to two main factors; the first is the increasing size of the American Muslim community and the second is the increasing base of non-Muslim customers looking for a better quality of meat. With the growing awareness of the industrial “farm” factories, consumers are no longer comfortable picking up just any chicken on the shelves. In today’s food market, our animals are going from farm to factory.

On the other hand, you have Crescent chickens which are raised on local farms in Indiana where they are allowed to roam rather then forced into small darkened cages and are handled humanely the way Halal standards teach us. They are also raised without hormones, antibiotics, food coloring, and preservatives.

“Each bird is fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no by-products or animal protein added, then hand-slaughtered by Muslims done in accordance with Islamic shariah, even with regard to Qibla direction.  With an increased bleed time the chicken has less bacterial contamination during the process. We have a farm to fork philosophy, Crescent has basically said that we want to see the process through all the way so that the customer’s not taking anyone else’s word for it on how the birds are treated and raised and processed.”

With the growing demand for a better healthier chicken in the mainstream markets Crescent Foods has been in the forefront. Walmart recently completed a deal with Crescent Foods to supply products to the world’s largest retail chain. Seven Walmart Supercenters in the Chicagoland area now stock a range of Crescent chicken products, as the first deliveries were completed early May to stores in Niles, Mount Prospect, Waukegan, Plainfield, Aurora, Romeoville, and Oswego. Crescent has been supplying Walmart supercenter locations in Michigan with Premium Halal Chicken for over 2 years and has now been asked to serve Chicagoland.

Also exciting news for all – a new line of Premium Halal Crescent Chicken Nuggets and Spicy Chicken Wings will be expected to hit store shelves soon! 

To find a listing of where you can purchase Crescent foods or to know more about Crescent Foods visit

or call 1-800-939-6268. 

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