You asked. We delivered. We are working with various farmers and growers to meet your demand and satisfy your chicken cravings. We still have the same natural and quality attributes as always. We are committed to providing you with products with the utmost trust, integrity and quality. Our products are hand harvested, humanely raised, vegetarian fed with no animal by-products, free of antibiotics and hormones, and raised cage free.

Hormones are banned for use in poultry in the U.S?

Our birds are with a nutritious diet that ensures healthy growth and is always free of hormones and steroids, which are prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All Crescent Foods products are free of Antibiotics?

We are committed to providing you products with absolutely no antibiotics, ever. We started this journey in 1996 and haven’t changed it since then. What does no antibiotics mean? Our antibiotic-free chickens are grown on local farms by family farmers chosen because of their commitment to raising healthy animals without the use of antibiotics—ever.

Due to more than one supplier, our chickens may vary in size? Why you ask?

Just like us, birds come in many different sizes. The size of the bird depends on how many days they have been on the farm. This can range anywhere from 42 to 58 days.

We take pride in caring for our animals.

It is our ethical responsibility to provide the utmost care for our animals. We are dedicated to raising chickens in safe, comfortable environments. All chicken houses consist of controlled, cage-less areas that provide adequate space, fresh air, clean water and readily available, all-natural feed.

All vegetarian Feed?

All vegetarian Feed. Healthy poultry farming begins with a well-balanced diet. Our chickens have an all-natural, high quality, grain-based feed

Our products are always deboned by hand?

By carefully hand-deboning fresh chicken products, we are able to ensure consistently superior quality across all our offerings. This manual process allows us to control the cuts of meat and improves the quality of bone removal when compared to mechanical methods.