Employee Diversity

At Crescent Foods, we believe actions speak louder than words.

We don’t just talk about inclusion – rather our diversity is reflected in our payroll. We welcome men and women from a spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, age groups and abilities to join our vision in providing the healthiest chicken for your family.

We hire a good mix of employees not to be politically correct, but because we firmly believe that diversity is the spice of life and drawing upon experiences from all parts of the world enrich our company. We believe that just as our customers do not look the same or speak just one language, our family-owned business should reflect that too.

From the hardworking employees at our plant to the customer service representatives at our office, and everyone in between, we pride ourselves in not just being tolerant of differences, but celebrating and welcoming them.

Crescent’s Commitment to the Community

Crescent Foods prides itself on being an integral part of the communities it serves, both by being a provider of premium Halal products and by supporting organizations, non-profits and charities doing great things.

As a family owned business for over 17 years, we love to feed families and to serve them. Giving back to the community is very important to us and our way of showing our gratitude to our customers.

Every year we allocate thousands of dollars for various sponsorship opportunities throughout the nation. We are able to provide both monetary support as well as providing the chicken for your event. If there is an event in your community, let us hear about it. We would love to energize your worthy cause and be a part of making it successful.

All sponsorship requests are subject to evaluation and availability. We encourage you to contact us at least 3 months prior to your event.

Please click here for all Sponsorship inquiries, and we will be happy to review them.

Crescent Foods Disclaimer of Endorsement and Liability
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