For foodservice, deli, retail and club customers

OAKWOOD, GA. (September 2019) – This week, Atlanta, Georgia-based chicken producer,  Wayne Farms LLC announced an expansion of Halal-compliant, frozen chicken product offerings for foodservice, deli, retail and club customers in conjunction with Crescent Foods, a known leader in the Halal market segment. The product offerings include a boneless skinless chicken breast fillet, which is immediately available at east coast Costco Wholesale stores and becoming available in Midwest Costco Wholesale stores in October, as well as other fully cooked and par fried items. The Crescent Foods brand means the products are produced in accordance with the highest Halal standards through practices and attributes that go above-and-beyond requirements for conventional Halal offerings.


Many conventional Halal products permit mechanical slaughter of chickens; the inclusion of animal by-products in feed; antibiotic use; and do not require animal welfare certification.


Instead, premium Crescent Foods chicken products feature practices which expand standards to include:

  • Hand-slaughtering of each chicken;
  • Chickens fed a 100% vegetable and grain diet;
  • No animal by-products in feed;
  • No antibiotics ever;
  • Humane animal care verified, annually, by an independent third party.


“Flexibility and collaboration in creating an amazing chicken experience for all of our customers has never been more important,” said Tom Bell, vice president of prepared foods for Wayne Farms. “Offering ‘choice’ is part of our DNA, and we’re proud of our proven ability to scale-up and expand Halal offerings that meet and exceed stringent quality standards set by Crescent Foods—a well-known and highly regarded leader in their industry.” Bell concluded.


In addition to stringent quality standards, expanded slaughter and harvesting practices at two processing plants located in Alabama ensure that finished products feature desirable ‘clean’ attributes such as All Natural (no artificial ingredients and minimally processed); and no preservatives, MSG, coloring agents or fillers.



To bring a variety of choices to those customers and consumers seeking Halal-compliant chicken offerings, nationwide, the following products are immediately available to all foodservice, deli, retail and club customers:


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

  • Five-pound, resealable gusseted bag for easy freezer storage
  • Available for foodservice and retail
  • Frozen individually—not in bulk
  • Young, tender chicken


Fully Cooked, Crescent-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

  • Three-pound bag, resealable gusseted bag for easy freezer storage
  • Available for foodservice and retail
  • Formed product with natural, authentic shape
  • 100% all white meat


Par-Fried Breaded Chicken Tenders

  • Three-pound bag, resealable gusseted bag for easy freezer storage
  • Available for foodservice and deli
  • 100% all whole-muscle white meat


Par-Fried Breaded Chicken Chunks

  • Three-pound bag, resealable gusseted bag for easy freezer storage
  • Available for foodservice and deli
  • 100% all whole-muscle white meat


Foodservice and Retail Support

Support for foodservice and retail sales include in-store demos, community sponsorships, an

e-newsletter, social media, coupon and point-of-sale options, advertisements, industry trade events; and local, national and trade communications. Merchandising and sales support are also available. About Wayne Farms LLC

Wayne Farms LLC is the seventh-largest vertically integrated poultry producer in the U.S. with annual sales exceeding $2 billion. A subsidiary of Continental Grain Company, Wayne Farms owns and operates 11 fresh and further-processed facilities throughout the Southeast, produces more than 2.6 billion pounds of poultry products each year, and employs more than 9,000 individuals. Producing products under the brand names of WAYNE FARMS® fresh and prepared chicken; PLATINUM HARVEST® premium fresh chicken; CHEF’S CRAFT® gourmet chicken; NAKED TRUTH® premium chicken; and LADYBIRD™ premium chicken, Wayne Farms has a well-known history of delivering exceptional poultry products to some of the largest industrial, institutional, and foodservice companies across America.


About Crescent Foods

Crescent Foods was founded in 1996 to bring healthy, humanely processed Halal chicken to America’s dinner tables. Today, Crescent Foods is the largest provider of premium quality Halal poultry and meat products across the United States. It prides itself on its ability to offer choice through a variety of meat and poultry cuts, products, and packaging options to retail stores, restaurants and institutions. Crescent Foods’ commitment to the highest Halal standards, state-of-the-art production processes, use of technology, distribution, product development and service helps the company remain at the industry forefront in North America and globally.


Revolutionary launch of Grass-fed Grass-finished Premium Angus Beef

A company you know and trust, is proud to announce the revolutionary launch of Grass-fed Grass-finished Premium Angus Beef in select retailers.

In Bringing You the Best, We Couldn’t Settle for Less. So with that in mind our mission is to provide you with All Natural Premium Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Angus Beef straight from the pastures of New Zealand.

A quality product that just doesn’t taste delicious but cooks to perfection. One that’s wholesome and nutritive, with no hormones or antibiotics. Because at the end of the day we want to bring you simply the best, something that we would only bring to our dinner table.

Crescent Foods Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Angus beef is leaner and juicer, thanks to higher moisture content in addition to having more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene. Also, grass fed beef has fewer calories per serving plus lower cholesterol. Here is why our beef makes the cut!

To find a retailer near you please visit, http://crescenthalal.com/beef/where-to-buy/

Can’t find a retailer near you? Submit the following form to your retail store manager and request Crescent Foods Premium Angus Beef products by name, http://bit.ly/1wu6ffP

AngusBeef Poster

Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

The following article is reproduced from a plant tour by Yvonne Maffei, and published on http://myhalalkitchen.com/crescent-foods-shows-us-food-comes/


If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you probably remember me tweeting out photos before Eid ul Adha of my trip to a facility and hen house right here in the Midwest where the folks at Crescent Foods raise and process their chicks for Halal poultry products that are widely distributed across U.S. supermarkets and stores like Wal-Mart.

I had the honor and pleasure of a follow up visit to their Chicago processing plant so that I could see where the chicks are raised and to witness the actual Halal processing of the birds at the plant where all of this takes place.

Settled among cornfields…
cornfields Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

country roads…

dirt road indiana Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From


scenes from Indiana Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

the Amish…

buggy auction Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

and more corn fields…

more cornfields Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

lies a really clean facility that processes the Crescent Foods poultry.

surrounding area of facility Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

The live birds are housed not too far away in an equally serene place…

Beautiful birds at Crescent Farm Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

a hen house with lots of light…

lots of light Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

well-circulated air for chicks and their caretakers to breathe clean air that is free of any foul smells.

The chicks have a lot of room to move around, despite how many are actually in the hen house. It doesn’t feel or seem as though there are many housed there, perhaps because they are at ease and none seemed nervous or disturbed.

adorable bird Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

They could travel to and fro and actually seemed quite interested in us who came to visit them- signs of being healthy and alert. Those pictured here are quite young still so they didn’t have many feathers. At about six weeks they will be transported to the processing facility for processing.

It’s so easily noticeable that the chicks have lots of room to take in water and (antibiotic-free) food- an incredibly important detail in raising any livestock. How can they possibly be healthy if this is not maintained?

I didn’t expect to see this  little black box (pictured below) that the chicks can use for some private time, away from the other chicks- some really were in and out of that space, as if they knew exactly what it was for.  What a great idea, and it’s actually one of the steps needed for farms to gain GAP-certification when doing so. To read more about the Global Animal Partnership, and their goal of improving animal welfare in agriculture, read more here.

plenty of room to play1 Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

Once the chicks have reached the target age and are obviously in good health, they are transported to the processing plant several miles away. I saw a couple truck loads of chickens like this and none of them seemed nervous or flighty.

Back at the processing facility, I was able to witness so much. It should be duly noted that the birds are alive at the time of hand-processing. The room in which this is done is a completely different and separate room from anything else in the entire plant. First of all, it’s a dark room with blue lights, said to calm the birds down. I think that works because I didn’t hear a single bird squawk or see any of the birds ruffle their feathers too much. It’s very important for the birds to be calm (as it is for any livestock, for that matter) because it keeps the process humane and protects the birds from hurting themselves by breaking a wing or body part if they become anxious and scared. I learned a lot about how much thought goes into this process, as Mr. Adam talked me through the whole process and explained the why’s and how’s of it in its entirety.

About 90,000 birds are processed here and in this way, every single day. 

Mr. Ahmad Adam, Founder and CEO of Crescent Foods, partners with the processors who oversee how his birds are raised, maintained and processed every step of the way. Photographed below, his sharp perception of every minute detail never ceased to impress upon me the serious approach he takes towards the integrity of his products, which is evident in all the others who are part of the team effort it takes to make that happen.

Mr. Adam Crescent Foods Shows Us Where Our Halal Poultry Comes From

In the same facility I was able to see the enormous production process of everything from how the birds’ feathers are steamed clean off of their bodies to how the USDA inspectors check for quality standards and grade the birds.

Then, of course, comes the further processing of cutting, de-boning packaging what is now the meat of the bird.

Although we were not able to take photographs of this part, I asked a little more on the topic of inspection. Interestingly enough, there has to be a USDA inspector on the line at all times or the birds cannot be processed and all production has to stop.

For more photos and details about how Crescent Foods processes their halal poultry products, check out my post on the tour I took of their Chicago processing plant– a fascinating glimpse at their uniquely modern facility jam packed with halal assurance and a high dose of integrity we as a community can feel very good about supporting.

After reading this, I’d like to know…
Are you much more likely to buy a product that is as transparent as Crescent Foods is here in showing us how their chickens are raised? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


*since this article was published our products are not exclusively Amish raised

A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

The following article is reproduced from a plant tour by Yvonne Maffei, and published on http://myhalalkitchen.com/a-fascinating-glimpse-at-the-crescent-foods-plant-tour/

Growing up in small-town Ohio I had a lot of opportunities to see how things were made, whether they were apples into apple cider at the local orchard, fruits into jam at a small nearby farm or potatoes into potato chips at the area’s largest food factory, it was all part of the things kids did on a field trip or day out with the family. I loved learning at a young age how something went from raw product to an entirely packaged material that people would actually buy in a store- the process fascinated me then and it still fascinates me today.

That’s why I asked if I could go to to the Crescent Foods plant located in our backyard here in Chicagoland so I could see how one takes a simple raw product like a whole bird and make it look so clean and beautiful on store shelves- all in a day’s work of this family-run halal poultry business started by Mr. Ahmad Adam and run with help of an incredibly dedicated staff.

They were kind enough to accept my offer. I made my way through downtown Chicago and far into the commercial area of the city where lots of other businesses hold large logistical operations for their companies. Needless to say, it’s a busy area- but how could you miss the fact that Crescent has a presence when their beautifully-photographed trucks are all over the place. Makes you kind of hungry, actually…

I was greeted by the team I’m most familiar with- Joohi Tahir in MarketingAsma Khan in Operationsand of course, Br. Ahmad Adam, the ever-present Founder and CEO as well as his two sons who are a clearly integral part of operating the company so well.

This was clearly a place where serious operations happen. So serious that in order to get into every critical access point of the plant, one has to pass through the state-of-the-art biometric recognition technology (fingerprint recognition)- talk about safeguarding halal right from the start.

As I entered, I got a sense of calm urgency- what I mean is that there wasn’t any sort of frenzy about the place  but certainly big things were on everyone’s minds from the woman in HR to the security officer up front watching about 25 cameras (seriously) to the salesman within the offices.  I was about to find out all about that.

Here was the first sign I saw upon entering:

USDA A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Don’t mess with the USDA- they can come any time they want, unannounced. That’s their job, and they have an office at the plant to prove it. They check on everything, and if anything at all- big or small- is out of place, the plant can be shut down until things are perfectly back in order.

Keep in mind that no live poultry is at this plant; it’s all raw poultry that’s being processed and packaged.

Here was another order of business I saw a little later in the tour, but a paper copy is actually posted at the large garage entrance of the plant where trucks enter the building to load or unload. It’s critical that it be visible to prove authenticity and transparency, which ultimately speaks to the integrity of the business. I was told that the Sharia Board makes unannounced audits to Indiana where the poultry is actually raised and hand-slaughtered.

Also  within the over 26,000 SF plant, although inherent or perhaps ‘understood’ in a halal business enterprise, I never expected to actually see a sign that cemented the fact that absolutely no pork would be allowed to enter the premises- it’s also in Spanish, and I saw it in a couple places throughout the plant, particularly where workers gather to eat.

No pork allowed A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

When you visit a food plant, you expect to see machinery, of course. How else would food be shaped, cut, and cranked out so fast, right?

crescent machinery 2 A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

I just didn’t expect to see SO much machinery– and enormous, advanced and well-kept machinery as I did here.

packaging on production line A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

This (below) is the type of stuff that will crank out your kids’ perfectly-formed, perfectly breaded, Halal, antibiotic-free chicken nuggets. I mean, in the thousands…

crescent machinery A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

These machines below were super interesting- we almost need something like this at home, albeit on a smaller scale. They pull the chicken apart as much as possible, separating it so that the remaining parts can be sold to other businesses who use it to make chicken broth or perhaps grind the bones up for pet food, etc. I’m sure there are multiple uses. Just picture the family pet eating halal, too…

chicken on production line A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

If you know anything about Crescent Foods, they sell beautifully-packaged chicken in tray packs and whole fryers in nice and clean bags for easy removal. But, did you know that they also provide their chicken on a wholesale basis to some retailers, too?

vertical production line A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

And they of course ship their tray packs all across the country, including to many Walmart stores.

bulk crescent chicken A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

As you might realize, it’s not easy to get a product into Walmart. That said, I think I now understand why Crescent products are there. It all makes sense after seeing how wonderfully organized, clean and well-planned out this plant is, of course, but that’s only one element. Not shown here, but they also have an incredibly advanced tracking system to locate every single package that goes out the door and all of their trucks are equipped with GPS systems so that they can be located quickly. It would over-simplify the system if I said it tracked the date/time/lot/destination, as there are so many other variables included that if there’s any issue with any of their products, they’ll know exactly what they need to know to figure out the issue and find a solution- in a nutshell, it’s their recall policy system in place, something they’ve never had to use in eighteen years, alhamdullilah, mashallah.

packaging materials vertical A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

During the tour, Mr. Adam himself explained to me a lot of technical things that he implemented into the building when he bought it and gutted it completely. It used to be a large warehouse that manufactured elevators- can you imagine what it took to bring it up to an acceptable state for the production of poultry processing?  He thought of everything, subhanallah. 

If you read my interview with Mr. Adam in the past, you’ll know he is trained as an electrical engineer, so his mind works in ways that can solve problems where others may be confused and overwhelmed by them.

moving the trays at crescent A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Even the direction in which these tray packs are handled and stored was thought out by Mr. Adam. May seem like something minor, but it matters a lot when you’re dealing with space and efficiency for maximum productivity.

gathering the materials at crescent A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Just my own after-thought, but I wonder if he was implementing tools from Lean Six Sigma when he designed this plant? I should have asked that question..I’m actually taking cues from this- it’s very helpful when designing a kitchen and a home, too- maximum efficiency for productivity is useful anywhere.

more packaging materials vertical A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Now here’s something I recognize well- tray packs-so that’s how they look before anything is added to them?

crescent tray packs A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

This area of the plant is where the tray packs are filled- notice how much protective wear everyone has on- this was very closely monitored by one woman outside of these doors whose job function surrounded making sure anyone who stepped into the factory floor area was covered up properly in order to not contaminate the poultry.

workers on production line A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Serious coverage.

packaging the chicken A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

And clean, beautiful poultry without any smell. The entire plant didn’t have a smell.

vertical chicken in tray packs A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

And that’s way it’s supposed to be.  Unless things are being actually cooked, food plants shouldn’t have the smell of raw product or rotting foods, obviously. If it did, you would notice.

tray packs horizontal on line A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

I couldn’t get over how meticulous the process was and how calm the atmosphere appeared, too. This was probably the loudest area of the plant, but it wasn’t as though you couldn’t hear yourself talking; it was just the machinery that made the obvious and necessary sounds.

And then comes what we, the consumers, recognize the most: labeling.

putting labels on A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

That’s how it’s done.

Crescent labels A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

I love taking the mystery out of things. Especially meat.

yvonne at crescent factory A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

…and how in the world they every get all that plastic around so many large boxes…

wrappiing crescent materials A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

and how it’s all stored, when necessary, in the freezer like it is below (not all Crescent poultry is frozen- actually most of it is sold fresh, but there are some instances in which it is kept colder in order to fulfill a certain shipment. In fact, temperature control is serious business at this plant. I was told specifically,“the production rooms where chicken is handled is maintained at 40 degrees or less to ensure that poultry never reaches any dangerous temperatures. The refrigerated trucks also transport products at this controlled temperature. If the temperature of the coolers or freezer should fall, sensors go off and the security company calls us to tell us exactly at which point and at what temperature it happened. There is 24 hour surveillance.”

freezer for crescent chicken A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

And by the way, Mr. Adam even thought about all the venting and cooling systems throughout the plant and installed the very best and most advanced possible in order to prevent any type of cross contamination that might be circulating in the air to contaminate the chicken. Of course those are my words to sum it up. He explained it a whole lot more eloquently and technically than I ever could, but the point is that the lengths that were sought after to ensure the quality and integrity of the product is astounding.

A gutted warehouse not-so-fit-for-a-poultry-processing-plant that has been turned into a state of the art facility where dhabiha halal chicken is centrally located to be shipped to a store near you…it’s truly a feat of humanity, and perhaps you have to have been there to grasp that fact, but I hope some of the photos illustrate the magnitude of importance of this. In a day and age when there is so much to be wary of in terms of where our food comes from and how it’s processed, transparency is important. Knowing something about the businesses you buy from is key to good health in terms of food safety, but also in terms of their authenticity of providing a halal product. Not all halal products are equal in that regard, and that’s what I liked about spending the morning at their plant. There was nothing to hide and everything to show- every door was opened and pipe explained (really) and all with an intense desire to show- not out of obligation. I think that’s critical to share.

And they thought it was critical to share a meal at the end of the tour. Talk about hospitality!

my plate at crescent plant tour A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

I knew the one thing I started to smell towards the end of the tour was something amazing being cooked- I thought perhaps they were testing recipes or something of that nature. As it turns out, Mr. Adam’s brother, “Abu J”, was preparing lunch for us- actually, it was more like a feast.

rice A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Rice with chicken, of course (above) and zucchini stuffed with ground…chicken (below).

stuffed zucchini A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

This is no typical lunch, at least not a power lunch you’d find in most companies.

the spread vertical A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

It felt like an international buffet was brought out to us: healthy salad, breaded tilapia, cajun French fries (yum) and of course, more chicken. Flavored deliciously. Soon thereafter we all had a conversation about spice.

tilapia A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

Can I work here?

mr. adam and mhk A Fascinating Glimpse at the Crescent Foods Plant Tour

From right to left (Abu J, Mr. Adam and myself- with my eyes half open for some odd reason).

And there you have it- a hard-working family that has persevered to create a company with the idea of providing clean, all-natural poultry products not just to the Muslim community but to all people interested in consuming food that’s consumed well and has been processed well. That’s taking care of a product from farm to fork, quite literally- as you can see here…


Intercultural understanding with a lucrative bottom line

by Kiran Ansari
18 February 2013

Chicago – A Paris-based designer recently partnered with a Chicago Muslim woman to create a new line of modest swimwear called Couture Swim N’ Sport. Similarly, in the last year, 77 Walmart stores started to carry Crescent Halal chicken and the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, Texas now offers prayer rugs in its rooms and Arabic channels for its guests.

While these developments may not affect the spending behaviour of every consumer, it is folding Muslim culture into the Western mainstream, and showing that there are a myriad of opportunities for joint partnerships between businesses run by people from different faith and cultural backgrounds. This can lead simultaneously to better understanding and a more lucrative bottom line.

Even though some companies have made strides in offering more culturally-inclusive product lines, there are still some untapped areas of the market. The holidays, for instance, are a time when Muslims may wish to see Ramadan and Eid gift wrap or decorations alongside Christmas trees and menorahs. Some online stores have Muslim holiday cards available, but for the most part, major corporations have not fully tapped into this market. So far, it is mostly Muslim businesses that are catering to the demand.

Every company has expansion on the agenda. This means that if businesses want a share of this market, they need to adapt. And that’s exactly what some companies are doing.

With fashion, food, finance and travel the four main sectors where mainstream companies can target the Muslim consumer, home décor, cosmetics and other sectors are not far behind. Many Muslims follow a halal dietary code that is devoid of pork and alcohol and requires meat to be processed in a certain way. Similarly, while Muslims, women in particular, are not limited to dressing in just one way, many prefer loose clothing with more coverage for modesty.

While tapping the Muslim market has clear financial advantages for companies, there is also an added benefit. By catering to the market demands of Muslims, businesses may be creating spaces for intercultural exchange and inclusion.

“I used to have to mix and match different articles of clothing to be able to enjoy water parks and beaches with my family,” said Asmah Ahmed, the Chicago Muslim who launched Couture Swim N’ Sport. “Now, I have partnered with Vanessa Lourenco, a designer in Paris, to design something fashionable and flattering instead.”

Lourenco has no regrets. “I always get compliments about this business idea and I’m very happy with what I can offer the Muslim market as there is a demand in practically every country.”

While the explosion of online shopping has made it easier to fulfil orders from across the globe, the need to be culturally aware isn’t limited to brick and mortar retailers. The new “www” means “wherever, whenever and whoever” wants to buy; businesses have to be ready with the right product.

In most instances, the Muslim market is not an exclusive club. You do not need to be Muslim to enjoy farm-raised Crescent chickens that are fed a vegetarian diet. And you do not have to belong to any particular faith group if you want to avoid exposure to the sun or don modest swimwear.

As these products are placed on the market, non-Muslims are seeing the benefit too. Fifteen-twenty per cent of the orders for modest swimsuits come from non-Muslims, including celebrities like British food diva, Nigella Lawson. Perhaps that is why the Crescent halal chicken isn’t tucked away in some ethnic grocery aisle, but sits next to other brands of poultry.

In a world where technology and travel erase geographical boundaries, every smart marketer knows that the one-size-fits-all mantra is not going to work. By expanding product lines to cater to people from all ethnicities, there are options for all consumers, even those that hardly had any to begin with. By adapting to an inclusive market we are in turn giving our children a mini trip around the world right at the grocery store and proving that businesses can build bridges too.


* Kiran Ansari is a writer for publications including the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Halal Consumer and Azizah Magazine. She lives with her husband and two children in the suburbs of Chicago. This article was written for the Common Ground News Service (CGNews).

AMCC to Award Crescent Foods CEO with Entrepreneurship Award

amcc-award-2-e1360868610943AMCC will present its third Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Saffron Road and its first entrepreneurship award to Ahmad Adam, CEO of Crescent Foods at the upcoming 4th American Muslim Consumer Conference.

The conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Newark Airport, New Jersey on Saturday, November 17th, 2012. http://americanmuslimconsumer.com.

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

The American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) has played an integral role since its start in 2008 to raise public awareness for the American Muslim market. There are close to seven million Muslims living in the America and they make up an estimated 170 billion dollar market that is largely untapped.

AMCC will give this year’s Multicultural Award, which promotes diversity in America, to Saffron Road. The Saffron Road brand is making a major impact in addressing unmet consumer needs in the multicultural market by bringing food from different ethnic backgrounds to major retail outlets such as Whole Foods. Their focus has been to reach out to customers beyond the Muslim / halal food market and address the needs of any consumer looking for healthy, organic, antibiotic free and humane alternatives. They also have a wide selection of gluten free products. Their Ramadan campaign in 2011 was very successful and neutralized the media backlash related to Muslims and Islam in America into a positive spin focusing on diversity and tolerance. This marketing strategy can be used as a case study for many companies facing similar issues and challenges to make their products and services more mainstream in America.

This year, to recognize entrepreneurs whose contributions are making a major impact in addressing the American Muslims, AMCC will be will be launching a new award called the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. This award will be given to Ahmad Adam, CEO of Crescent Halal Food to highlight the leadership he has provided in the halal food industry and implementing Islamic principles in financial, social and ethical areas involving Crescent Halal Food. From its Chicago based facility, Crescent is supplying halal food to major food chains which include over 70 Walmart locations, which has established its position as a leading supplier of halal food in America.

This year’s conference key note speaker will be TED speaker Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa. Dr. Al-Mutawa is the Founder and CEO of Teshkeel Media Group and created THE 99, the first group of comic superheroes with an Islamic background. President Obama praised this as the most innovative initiative viewed by his Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship and Forbes identified THE 99 one of the top 20 trends around on the globe.

To receive more information on the 4th Annual American Muslim Consumer Conference, please visit http://americanmuslimconsumer.com.

About the American Muslim Consumer Conference

The American Muslim Consumer Conference is the only platform for industry professionals to explore the rich potential of the American Muslim market. This year’s conference is themed “The New Face of Muslim Consumers: Socially Conscious, Innovative and Engaged“ and will be held on November 17th, 2012 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Newark Airport, NJ. Last year’s conference was titled “Multiculturalism & the American Muslim Consumer Market” and drew a crowd of over 350 participants.

Exciting East Coast Expansion for Crescent Foods

In response to a sizeable and growing demand on the East Coast, Crescent Foods, the leading provider of premium Halal chicken, is now available in retail stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

“We are excited to be able to provide Halal and tayyib chicken to consumers on the East Coast,” said Joohi Tahir, Vice President of Marketing at Crescent Foods. “It makes our hard work worthwhile when we know we can bring our Halal “farm to fork” philosophy to more dinner tables across the country.”

Crescent Foods market research has shown that once consumers try Crescent chicken, they can taste the difference of how chickens that are raised cage-free and fed a 100% vegetarian diet without antibiotics translate into more wholesome meals.

“Ever since I returned from the ISNA Convention, I have been telling all my friends how they can pick up Crescent chicken at our local Walmart,” said Habeeba Hussein from Somerdale, New Jersey. “I am a big advocate of telling others how Halal isn’t limited to just the slaughter of animals, but how they are also raised and fed.”

For a complete listing of stores that carry Crescent chicken, visit www.crescentfoods.com and like us on Facebook  to be the first to know about new products and special offers.

Crescent Halal Chicken Now At a Walmart Near You!

77 locations. 11 states. 1 trusted chicken

Crescent Foods, the nations’ leading provider of Premium Halal Chicken is now supplying their quality products to 62 new Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market locations across the country in addition to the existing 15 they have been serving for close to 4 years. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maryland, Delaware and Iowa have joined Illinois and Michigan to become the first eleven states where consumers can buy the chicken they trust on a regular grocery trip.

“We have been inundated with requests from consumers asking us when they could buy Crescent chicken in their state and we are excited to be able to cater to that demand,” said Joohi Tahir, Vice President of Marketing at Crescent Foods. “It makes good business sense for us to cross over to the mainstream market and for Walmart to recognize the potential of this All Natural and Premium Halal product. After all, the Halal consumer is a significant growing market sector with purchasing power of over $170 billion a year”.

Crescent consumers know that the Premium Halal Chicken they buy is a better choice for their family’s health. The chickens roam cage-free and are able to grow naturally without antibiotics or hormones. They are raised and processed humanely and fed a 100% vegetarian diet free of by-products of any kind. All Natural. Pure & Simple®.

Walmart currently carries an assortment of items including Crescent whole chicken, boneless skinless breast fillets, leg quarters, thighs, boneless skinless thighs, drumsticks, ground chicken and wings.

“Our lives are so busy, that one-stop shopping is a great blessing,” said Aisha Ahmad, a working mom of three in Elgin, Illinois. “I am so pleased that I can buy Crescent chicken at my neighborhood Walmart. It gives me peace of mind that what my family loves to eat is actually good for them!”

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(Oak Brook, IL – July 12, 2012)

Crescent Foods Chicken Patties – A Hit According to Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert

Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert reviews and names Crescent Foods Chicken patties a HIT on his popular “New Products Hits & Misses” video review show.

Phil Lempert’s review of our product was posted on March 14, 2012.
Look for it at www.supermarketguru.com or see video below.
Phil says: “This product is a HIT! If you are looking for an alternative to traditional beef or turkey burgers check this out. 1 patty is just 120 calories and 1 gram of fat. It cooked up nice and juicy and these ingredients are so simple you wonder why all product ingredients are not like this.”
Crescent Halal Chicken Patties were reviewed on taste, nutritionals as well as the value added packaging and resealable zipper pouches and scored well with the Supermarket Guru. Crescent Foods Premium Halal products are known to be all natural, healthy and humane.
About Crescent Foods
Crescent Foods will strive to be the leading provider of Premium Halal Foods in the Food Industry. Crescent’s production processes, use of technologies, distribution, products, and service will exceed in quality and innovation in order to be at the forefront of the Halal Industry.
Our chickens are raised in ventilated sunny barns and are 100% vegetarian fed, cage-free, and all natural hand processed Halal. They are free of hormones, coloring agents, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.
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Crescent Makes Halal Easier to Find

As many members of the Muslim community know, finding a reliable brand of Halal chicken on store shelves can sometimes be a difficult task. But thanks to companies like the Chicago-based Crescent Foods, more and more Halal chicken products have been showing up on the shelves of grocery stores and mainstream markets.

Crescent Foods, which distributes all over the country and has seen its operations expand greatly since the company was founded in 1995 as it has become a major supplier of Halal chicken products.

VP of Marketing & Sales Joohi Tahir said the company is optimistic about the opportunity to serve more and more customers. “We’re seeing a rise in demand for Halal poultry at the mainstream retail level and it’s very exciting for us,” Tahir said. “We’re very happy to supply that demand and now it’s easier than ever for customers to grab it from the grocery store of the local shop.” With the growing demand of Halal in mainstream markets Crescent was sure to be in the forefront.  You can find Crescent on retail shelves such as Walmart , Shop-n-Save, Tonys, & Produce World among many others.

The rise of Crescent’s customer base can be attributed to two main factors; the first is the increasing size of the American Muslim community and the second is the increasing base of non-Muslim customers looking for a better quality of meat. With the growing awareness of the industrial “farm” factories, consumers are no longer comfortable picking up just any chicken on the shelves. In today’s food market, our animals are going from farm to factory.

On the other hand, you have Crescent chickens which are raised on local farms in Indiana where they are allowed to roam rather then forced into small darkened cages and are handled humanely the way Halal standards teach us. They are also raised without hormones, antibiotics, food coloring, and preservatives.

“Each bird is fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no by-products or animal protein added, then hand-slaughtered by Muslims done in accordance with Islamic shariah, even with regard to Qibla direction.  With an increased bleed time the chicken has less bacterial contamination during the process. We have a farm to fork philosophy, Crescent has basically said that we want to see the process through all the way so that the customer’s not taking anyone else’s word for it on how the birds are treated and raised and processed.”

With the growing demand for a better healthier chicken in the mainstream markets Crescent Foods has been in the forefront. Walmart recently completed a deal with Crescent Foods to supply products to the world’s largest retail chain. Seven Walmart Supercenters in the Chicagoland area now stock a range of Crescent chicken products, as the first deliveries were completed early May to stores in Niles, Mount Prospect, Waukegan, Plainfield, Aurora, Romeoville, and Oswego. Crescent has been supplying Walmart supercenter locations in Michigan with Premium Halal Chicken for over 2 years and has now been asked to serve Chicagoland.

Also exciting news for all – a new line of Premium Halal Crescent Chicken Nuggets and Spicy Chicken Wings will be expected to hit store shelves soon! 

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