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Bring Crescent Foods to a Store Near You

In a world like today where all natural, wholesome food is increasing in demand yet so hard to find, Crescent Foods aims to make our products readily and easily available nationwide. Many times, we receive feedback from our consumers asking about how to get more products to their local retailers, so we’ve decided to walk you through the process.  

  1. Print out the Product Request Form 
    When visiting the website, go to the drop down menu for “Get In Touch”. Within the menu, there will be two links: 
    1. Product Request Form  
    2. Breaded Product Request Form

Once clicked, the form will appear in a new tab or window. Then go to file and print. Both forms have also been linked for easy access.

2. Fill out the form and take it to your local retailer 

When you go to your local retailer, ask to speak with the manager of the meat department and provide them with the Product Request Form. Be sure to also mention Crescent Foods by name. Retailers generally stock their inventory based on the demand of their consumer base, so in order to get a certain brand, you must be sure to mention them specifically.  

3. Periodically check in with the retailer for updates 

Whether it’s a quick phone call or when you’re stocking up on groceries, be persistent with asking the store about any updates regarding getting new items. When the grocer sees that their consumer base is continually asking about a product, they will be more likely to keep it in store.   

4. Refer your friends! 

As earlier mentioned, retailers stock their inventory based on the demand for the product by their shoppers. When more people request a product, it automatically shows that there is a higher demand for it, and therefore the stores will be more likely to keep those items on hand. When we initially started this process, we saw great growth across locations, especially in the Michigan area, so we can assure you that this process is tried and tested. 

Every retailer wants you to come to them for all your grocery needs. By providing the Product Request Form and showing them that there is demand for your favorite products, they’ll be more likely to get those items and it’ll end up as a win for everyone! 

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