What is the Best Way to Freeze and Defrost Chicken?

Proper freezing Chicken may be frozen in its original packaging or repackaged into smaller portions. However, if it will be frozen longer than two months, place it in airtight plastic or freezer containers. If your chicken is not properly wrapped, air can reach the surface and cause freezer burn. Discard heavily freezer burned chicken because […]

Cooking Times

The USDA recommends cooking whole chicken to a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Table below shows the approximate cooking times for chicken parts Type of Chicken Weight Roasting @ 350 degrees F Simmering Grilling Breast halves, bone in 6-8 oz 30 to 40 min 35 to 45 min 10-15 min/side Breast halves, boneless 4 […]


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