At Crescent we take pride in our ability to service the needs of customers in the Midwest and beyond with our personal fleet of trucks. In addition to that, Crescent logistics offers customized programs to fit retail and food service distribution requirements.

A Crescent team of experts will be happy to help you determine the most cost effective solution to fit your needs.

We provide the following logistics services;

  • Nationwide LTL
  • Nationwide Full Truck Load Capacity
  • DSD (Selected Region)
  • Cold Storage Arrangement

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Zehra, The FitNest Blog

To Zehra, nourishing meals are more than just its savory taste, they are healthy dishes that feed and nourish our bodies. Zehra's greatest passion includes being healthy, remaining active and being a loving mother of two.  Zehra's background of Kinesiology and Health Sciences is utilized to encourage her followers to live a healthier life through nutritional eating and ongoing fitness.  The recipes Zehra will be sharing will have you trying different tastes and delectable flavors you didn't even know existed!