10 Table Manners We Insist Kids Must Master

1.)            You Must Wait

My kids are not supposed to start eating their food until everyone is sitting at the table. It’s good manners to wait until everyone is ready.

2.)            Stay Seated

My kids have been taught to stay seated in their chair. They need to be reminded a lot, but it’s a steady rule. No wiggling, no getting up, and if they need to they’re to ask to be excused.

3.)            Say the Three Words

“Please”, “Thank you,” and “Excuse me,” are all important to use at the dinner table, no exceptions!

4.)            No Elbows

I don’t really know where this rule came from, but it’s what I was taught when I was little and it’s still a rule today. No elbows on the table.

5.)            Mouths Closed

My biggest peeve is open chewing. It’s not allowed, no exceptions, and will not fly!

6.)            Bite Sized

This rule helps the previous one — only eat mouth-sized bites. If it’s too big of a bite, the kids will chew with their mouth open. They’re encouraged to take smaller bites and I help out making sure their food is cut into good sizes.

7.)            No Icky Sounds

No burping, slurping, humming or chew noises are allowed at the table. It’s my second biggest table manner peeve so it’s also really enforced.

8.)            No Mean Comments

If my kids don’t like what is on the plate or they think something looks weird, they’re encouraged not to make any negative comments. They can ask what it is, what it’s made out of and not eat it, but they can’t be mean about it.

9.)            Don’t Reach

If my kids can’t reach something like the ketchup, they’re encouraged not to just reach for it across the table. Asking someone near the ketchup to pass it to them is what they’re to do.

10.)         Thank the Chef

My kids are encouraged to thank who ever cooked the meal for them. Whether it’s at home, out at family’s house, or in a restaurant, saying thank you is important.




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