GRASS FED LAMB Free range Grass-fed lamb with no antibiotics or hormones

LIFE TASTES BETTER WITH CRESCENT FOODS Antibiotic free, All Natural Chicken

GRASS-FED & GRASS- FINISHED ANGUS BEEF with no antibiotics or hormones


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We know meat – and you should too


Now introducing 100% grass-fed lamb. This commitment to quality and freshness is what makes our products stand out from others.

Seasoned & Breaded

Our premium chicken breast is jam packed with a delicious blend of spices that is sure to please any taste bud! It is the perfect addition to a variety of recipes or delicious if eaten solo.

Our Story

At Crescent Foods, we see the process through from Farm to Fork. It all starts where our birds are raised humanely and free to roam on these farms. They are antibiotic free and are fed an all vegetarian diet free from animal by-products. Processed and packaged using state of the art technology, we bring quality products to your table.


Faux Fried Chicken with Mac n Cheese

Asian Quinoa Bowl

Honey Sriracha Popcorn Chicken

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Harissa Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

Garlic Knot Caprese Burgers


Where to Buy

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